Okay, so, I’ve decided to start a page that’s entirely links that I enjoy.  Just for fun.  You guys ready for the awesomeness that is the internet?

You better be.  You’re using it right now. 😉

EDIT: I have a separate page for youtube videos.  Well, mostly separate, at any rate.  Anyways, [here] it is.

  • Crazy Go Nuts (and Crazy Go Nuts 2): Amazing game.  My friend found it.  It might be strange, but I really enjoy listening to her play it.  She gets all into it, and keeps screaming, “HIT THE NUT! That’s right, hit the nut.  Hit the nut.  HIT THE NUT, YOU STUPID SQUIRREL!”  Stuff like that.  It’s absolutely hilarious.
  • Nick Veasey:  Wow, talk about creativity!  The art he does is absolutely amazing.  Some of it is just cool, and the rest is absolutely beautiful.  I never would have thought to do art like he does.  You need to check this out.
  • Cake in a Mug: I’ve always wanted to do this, but never gotten around to it.  I had a friend who tried it, but I forget what she said about it.  I have promised a different friend that we will try it in the fall.  I will let you guys know how it tastes!
  • The Josh Bell Experiment: This a great experiment on human nature.  I love this article, and what they found.  It’s stunning.  Total mindblower.
  • Top 25 Songs with a Secret: I love RollingStone.  I really do.  And this is one of the reasons why.  (I have to say, though.  The last song is probably my favorite.)  EDIT: I clicked on this link, and turns out, it’s broken. 😦 So, I searched for it on Google, and found a site that essentially re-posted exactly what RS had posted.   So, there you go.  I’m sad that RS took it off, though.
  • Fern Gully – Quotes: I loved Fern Gully as a child, and I still do.  It’s not that well acted, or written, or anything really.  But Robin Williams is so phenomenal.  Whenever I want to laugh, I just look up quotes from Fern Gully.  (Notice that most of the quotes have a line said by Robin Williams’ character, Batty.)
  • More Words: I write a lot of poetry.  A lot of the poetry that I write has a rhyming scheme.  I use a lot in order to find a word that is both fitting for the situation and rhymes.  Or, if I’m bored, and I just want to look up interesting words.  (CAUTION: I’m not sure that all of the words that they list as words are actually words.  Like, darkle.  Since when is darkle a word?)
  • Caramelldansen:  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this is.  Other than addictively annoying.

So, that’s it for now.  When I find an interesting site, I’ll make sure to put it back here!  I hope you enjoy this!


4 responses to “Links

  1. after reading this set of links, just know, that i will be back to read more content. I checked out the game Crazy Go Nuts, and spent most of my time playing that little addictive game. I also loved the 25 songs with a secret link and loved the original list RollingStone did as well. on a closing note, Fern Gully is one of the best animated movies ever made.

    • 😀 I’m glad you liked them. Crazy Go Nuts is really addicting. 😀

      I wouldn’t say that Fern Gully is one of the best animated movies, but that’s probably because the only reason I really like it is because of Robin Williams. He is so amazing. 😀

      • its true. robin williams is an amazing actor. he’s so hilarious. he can even play serious roles, which makes him so versatile, and that much better. Like, have you seen 1-Hour Photo?

      • No, I haven’t. Never even heard of 1-Hour Photo. *goes to look it up* But, he was amazing in August Rush, and that’s not supposed to be a lighthearted, comical movie.

        Wow. I just looked up the summary for 1-Hour Photo. :O Wow. Am I correct in guessing that Robin Williams plays Sy? I will have to watch that one day.

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