Usually I can come up with good titles. Here, you’re just lucky I can put words together in an understandable fashion.


I just found out (realized, rather.  I’ve been sitting on this information for a while, but it just hit me) that a girl I used to go to school with is dating one of the cooks from the college cafeteria.  Who, of course, I used to work with.

Which is fine, except that he and I were both on the younger end of the spectrum when it came to age in that cafeteria.  (He was farther along on the spectrum than me, however but I’m not sure how much.)   I associate him with everyone else in the cafeteria.  And I cannot express to you enough how much I don’t want to think about some of the other people I worked with dating.

It’s like that moment when you realized that your parents had to have sex (and exactly what that entailed) in order for you to be sitting there.

It’s very very weird…to say the least.


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