Pictures are always fun.  I thought I’d do share some that I enjoy here. 🙂


There are references to 75 bands in here (supposedly).  Can you find them all?
Wow. Lol.  Sucks to be him.  Yeah, I know, the picture is edited.  But, I think it looks good. 🙂

I have the same sort of relationship with heights that someone else might have with a really good rollercoaster, or a horror flick, or whatever.  They scare the frick outta me, but I also get this weird rush out of them.  This would be absolutely exhilarating and terrifying for me.

I have a couple of these.  I use Gmail, which will show “related” ads on the side of your email.  Well, on occasion, especially when I first started using it, they showed some kind of weird ones.  Like those two.  And this:

I especially like how only select words are capitalized.  o_O

Weird, huh?

*blink*blink* :O I found this a while ago. It still makes me laugh.  Apparently, in context, Spidey is talking about Superman’s steel abs.  *restrains giggle*  Out of context…ahem.


:O Wow.  Now, seriously, guys.  How gay does he look right now?  (And by ‘gay’ I don’t mean ‘stupid’ or ‘happy’, though, he really does kind of look both.  I mean ‘homosexual’.)

I just think this is funny.  I would have loved to have seen how the teacher/professor reacted to this.

Apparently, it’s called an ‘interrobang’.  I’m not sure where on the keyboard this is, or why you would use it.  (Maybe in one of those situations where you would use both a ‘!’ and a ‘?’ ?  I don’t know.)

I like this.   I think it’s funny. 😀

Okay, so if Portland is in Maine (and there’s one in Oregon, I know, but I live in Maine, so we’re talking bout that one), then why is there a picture of Niagara Falls?  Anyone see the sense in this?

I think this is funny.  😀  I love these zombie propaganda posters that make fun of real propaganda posters.

That’s it for now, I suppose.  One day, I’ll show you all my favorite icons, but…not now.  Also, you can click the link on the right that says “Art (Visual)” [or just click here] and that’ll take you to my deviantART page, where you can view my photos.  🙂

Laterz, peeps!


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