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One of my favorite places to go for jewelry is the sale/discount racks at Claire’s and Icing.  (I did once go into Delia’s and found some great pieces for $4 each that just need a little TLC.  However, I went there today and there was no discount jewelry. *very disappointed*)  Normally, I look but that’s it. I don’t find anything.  I just enjoy looking. Today was different.

Icing, $6.25

Claire’s, 6.25

I’m wearing the second necklace (they’re both necklaces, in case you couldn’t tell) now. I am so excited about these.  THEY’RE SO…AWESOMELY FUNKY. (And the first necklace – the round one – kind of reminds me of the necklace here.  Or at least, something she would wear.  And let’s admit it – we all could stand to take a leaf out of Kendi’s book.)

PS. Sorry for the crappy quality. Phone camera. (I’m too lazy to charge my camera battery and then take a quality picture for you. But I assure you that in real life, the necklaces are not blurry and do not have a grainy quality to them like the pictures do.)

I’m very happy. 😀  THEY’RE JUST SO WEIRD!


I unveil my masterpiece. Yes, you may applaud now.

Remember this?  Remember how I talked about turning that random looking wooden thing into a jewelry armoire type thing?

Well, I did.  I’m rather pleased with the results.

To hang the jewelry, I used those small adhesive hook-y things, the ones that have a plastic backing and a metal hook that swings so it drops down.

I also bought two small cloth organization boxes from Target.  The top one holds a mix of hair stuff and bracelets and the bottom holds earrings.  But more about those in a minute.

I’m so excited about my new jewelry case that I’m going to introduce you to my jewelry collecti

on.  See, my clothes are nice, but I love jewelry.  I love it.  I get really excited about it.

Boy, you’re really in for it now.


Really, there are four categories that my necklaces fall under:

1. Long


2. Pendants




(If you’ll notice, each of the three sections hanging down holds two necklaces – a longer necklace and a shorter necklace.)

I truly love my pendants. The one on the top left and the one on the top right I got both at Claire’s (the black pendant might have been at Icing, come to think of it) in the clearance rack.  The black pendant was something like $3, and the wing pendant was actually one of those “buy 10 items for $10” things.  After I bought it, I quickly realized that it was on sale because the pendant wasn’t actually in the center of the necklace – right at the clasp, where the metal meets leather.  So the necklace kept riding up.  Soon after I realized this, I used my limited jewelry know-how to move the pendant to the center of the necklace, so there was an even amount of leather and chain on both sides.  It took

2 seconds.

The bottom middle pendant you can’t really see, but that’s okay because I’ve blogged about it before.  All I did was to buy the pendant at Wal-Mart and a matching chain and I just used a clasp I already had.

The top middle pendant my mom gave to me


as a birthday gift.  I love it.  It has matching earrings too!

3. Layers

The blue stone necklace I bought at Target.  The other necklace came from Icing.  I love it.  There’s a lot of different chains and they’re all at different lengths, the shortes one is maybe 16″, and the other one is at least twice that.

4. Unusual (or, you know, everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else for various reasons)

So, I guess the top one is actually a pendanty type thing.  But the chain is a little odd and farther up the chain there’s a couple of metal bead-y things.  And the small metal circle between the big pendant and the small stone is actually sort of a locket.  That is, it actually opens.  The second necklace I love but I don’t wear as often as I should.  And the last necklace I adore, but again, don’t wear it as frequently.  I love that it’s assymetrical, however.  And you can’t really see it, but near the bottom of the necklace there’s a green leaf.  The necklace didn’t come with that.  I put it in because I didn’t feel the necklace was long enough.  Weirdly, I didn’t buy it for that reason.  I actually bought it for a school project and it turned out to be perfect for the necklace.  😀

I have more, but those are my favorites.


There’s not a lot that’s interesting here.  Well, not as interesting.  There’s my two large polka dotted hair clips, my flower clips, three barrettes (BUTTERFLY!).  Then there’s my bangles, my STOP GLOBAL WARMING bracelet (I bought it when I went to Canada to visit a friend.  Apparently, it’s actually  made from scraps of leather which I thought was pretty awesome) and two clip on bracelets (because my hands and wrists are so big, normal bracelets won’t fit around them.  The bangles only fit me because they’re from Lane Bryant).  Then you have boring hair ties and bobby pins.  And two hair clippy things that are cut off.

These are probably my favorite bracelets.  The top one my mom bought for me, but it was on an elastic, which I hate so I switched it over onto tigertail (which is a thin, floppy [because I can’t think of a better word.  What’s the opposite of stiff?] sort of wire that you can use for DIY jewelry and it’s so easy.  Inexpensive, too) and a clasp.

The second comes with a similar story.  My best friend made it for me, but she doesn’t have a lot of jewelry making experience and neither did the woman who bought the supplies my friend was working with at the time.  So, she made the bracelet on a wire and twisted the ends together.  I loved it so much (I like the randomness to it, the color…I just like it) that I switched it over to tigertail as well.


I don’t actually wear a lot of earrings unless I’m going somewhere – like to an occasion where I need/want to look nice.  Or at least halfway decent.  Or if I really feel like it.

But anyways, if you’ll notice, most of the earrings aren’t actually in the box.  That was my genius idea: hang them off the sides.  😀  I’m smart.

  These are actually on the…thingy that they are on because they’re somewhat fragile.  I mean, the flipflops and palm trees are from Claire’s, so it’s not like they’re incredibly valuable.  Still, I’d like to keep them…undestroyed.

The dolphins are probably the most valuable piece of jewelry I own.  They actually are gold.  Not an incredibly high quality  but high enough so that they bend really easily.  Which is why I like them against a firm back.

Yup.  That’s it.  Other random pictures?

A small selection of my books.  The rest are in New Hampshire, where my family owns a house.  (We’re renting the one we’re living in now.)  Still, I haven’t read a lot of these in a while and they’re some of my favorites.  No shortage of books for me….:)

 This last picture is actually for Mara.  I’ve been staring at the book with the pretty spine for a while, since she did her post where she showcased her pretty books.

I’m not really sure what I mean to accomplish however.


(I just like writing ‘hi’ like that: with an ‘a’ and in caps.  It makes me giggle for some reason.)

Oh and uhhh…I was reading a book last night, and I found a Chinese Fortune cookie slip that reads:  🙂 Our first and last love is … self-love.  🙂  (Smiles and ellipses included.)

Saltines. Yes, that’s what they are.

The title has nothing to do with anything except that I was having a conversation with my friend while writing this and then decided that the aforementioned title would make a good title.

Three things have happened since I last posted that made me smile.  Now, take note here that I’m more posting about these not to entertain you but because I want to remember them.

In chronological order:

  1. I was working the cashier desk at my job when a family of three came in.  I’m pretty sure they’re actually a family of four or five – I’ve seen them before – but that’s neither here nor there.  I get to talking to the mother and long story short (I actually don’t want to remember how we got on this topic, that’s how disgusted I am with a few certain people) the mom says (approximately, about the father), “He’s never serious, as you can tell.  When he proposed, we were at the Hard Rock Cafe. He gave me a guitar pick and said, ‘Will you marry me?’  The next day, I looked at him and said, ‘Did you ask me to marry you last night?'”
  2. My friend had taken my to Shaw’s (a grocery store up here) to return bottles.  When a woman almost ran me over with her shopping cart, her husband turned to me and said, “That’s how she drives.”
  3. A couple weeks ago, I was browsing necklaces online.  I found this one: http://www.unique-vintage.com/silver-metal-rhinestone-trio-owls-pendant-necklace-p-11234.htm and I showed it to my roommate and she agreed with me that it was great.  I was at WalMart, when I found this: 

It’s virtually the exact same necklace.  (Don’t be fooled by the golden color in the picture.  My camera was on the wrong settings.  It’s actually a silver color.)  I mean, the other necklace has three owls and whatnot but even so.  Very excited.  I gave the necklace to my roommate and bought another necklace for myself.  Well, I bought the pendant and the chain.  I just put it together.  I already had the clasps and stuff.

I’m going to wear it tomorrow.  I’m so excited!

While I was at WalMart, I also saw an owl pendant that was seriously as big as my palm.  It was so big, it bordered on tacky.  I’m not sure that it didn’t cross the line, in fact.

I’m kind of regretting not buying it.