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Live and Learn: Real-live, Not-on-a-Phone Interviews

I had my very first real-live, not-on-a-phone interview the other day.  It was for a foodrunning/table bussing position at a restaurant.  Yay!  Sort of.  I’m not hugely excited about it, but 1. it’s better than nothing and 2. honestly, I don’t think it’ll be that bad.  (Mostly because I would get paid $400-500/week.  I’ve NEVER gotten paid that much.  IN MY LIFE.  Once, I worked a job 9-5, 5 days a week for six weeks and I barely got $500.)

At any rate, I did that interview and now I got a callback from another place for an interview.  This place is MUCH more convenient – I can walk there, should the weather allow it.  At any rate, it’s so easy to get there.  I can bike there when everyone go off to New Hampshire in a few weeks.

Still, I have to get the job so…

Things I learned from my first real-live, not-on-a-phone interview:

  1. Bring your resume.
  2. Smile lots.
  3. DON’T SLOUCH! (Did I slouch?  I don’t know.)
  4. Make sure you talk lots, but without interrupting him.  (There were a couple places in the conversation that I could have said something, but I wasn’t entirely sure that he had finished talking.  I didn’t want to interrupt, you know?)
  5. Try not to sweat.  It’s hard in this heat, but I can’t help but feel that it took a couple points off my uncalculated score.
  6. Make sure that you have the names right of the companies you worked for.
Things I did well (I think?)
  1. I smiled!  YAY! Points for me.
  2. I was relatively eloquent.  Surprisingly so for me, anyways, given that I usually stammer when I’m nervous or upset or anxious or…I dunno, breathing.
  3. I did jump in where he began talking about taskloads and how, in catering, there’s always things to do.  That was good.
  4. I think bringing my own bottle of water and refusing his offer of a glass of water was good.  “Hey, look at me being prepared!”
  5. I was early.  Not sure how early exactly, but I was early.
I think that’s it.  It wasn’t a very long interview.

You can tell I’m excited because, regardless of the fact that I don’t have a specific time, I’m planning Friday out down to the last earring.

SO SO SO…OH EM GEE I’m so excited!  I finally called the woman in charge of the volunteers at a non-profit that runs a garden about coming in to see and talk about the organization and the garden.  Apparently, it’s fallen into disrepair and there’s one other person who contacted her about volunteering there.  So we’re going to meet sometime on Friday (gotta get down on Friday!  Sorry.  I had to do that.  My deepest apologies.).  I’m not sure what time yet – she’s going to email me that.  At any rate, this is actually happening!  I’m so excited.  I’ve already picked out what I’m going to wear.  (Nice pants and a nice shirt, necklace, etc and I’m going to bring crappy clothes and sneakers in case we’re going to start working then and there.)

I’m really excited.

Lol, I got sidetracked and just watched like 30 seconds of about 10 other music videos ARK has produced with other undiscovered teenagers (a couple were hardly that), all auto-tuned and bad lyrics.  It really is horrible.  Eugh.

I could have won Olympic speed racing events.

I graduated from college.  Four years and all I really I have to say is that I couldn’t get the cap and gown off fast enough.

And I’m going to see if they still have volunteer opportunities open.  I mean, I would be helping them out for free.  They’re not going to turn me down, right?

How to survive having to serve food to other people, the Charlified way.

So, I’m gonna start this post off by saying that I ha – erm, strongly dislike my job.  I mean, it has its benefits – money in my bank account, wicked nice people, a knowledge of how the cafeteria works (which might not actually be a benefit, but whatever).  But…the job itself just sucks.  I spend hours at a time cleaning up after people is what it comes down to.

Today, actually, I was serving food which I’ve always thought was stupid in the first place.  The idea, I guess, is to make sure people don’t take more than they eat (and thus waste food) but how am I supposed to know how much they’ll eat?  I give them too much food and it defeats the purpose.  I give them too little and I’m a stingy server.

I was thinking about this while serving and I realized.  I serve to several different types of people.

(Before I continue on with this list, you must realize that I’m being overly dramatic.  Mostly people aren’t like this.  Mostly.)

First, let me say that you can tell what food people want from where they stand.  They want the steamed broccoli, they stand in front of it.  If they’re not standing in front of what they want, it’s because they wanted the broccoli and the chicken.  A lot of them, however….well, I’ll get to that.

Servee type #1: The absolutely clueless, I’m-so-desperately-hungry-but-I-just-don’t-know-what-it-is-that-I-want-to-eat types.  These types walk up to the serving station, plate in had, and just stand there, stuttering.

“Uhhh…well…erm…I think I…no.  I want the…erm…what’s in that again?”

Meanwhile, everyone stands behind them, rolling their eyes.  “Get on with it!”

My solution: grab their plates and shove whatever looks good onto it.  If they can’t decide, then I’ll decide for them.  I mean, neither I nor the people standing behind Type #1 have the time to waste.  Just make up your mind already!

Servee type #2: The I-know-what-I-want-so-give-it-to-me-now! type.  These types are the exact opposite of Type #1.  They know exactly what they want.  Which is great.  Except for the fact that they also know how much they want.

“Can you give me more?  Just a little more.  Okay, now just a smidgen more.  One more piece.”  Then there’s the more abrupt version.   “Oh, God.  Why are you so stingy.  Just gimme some more!”  Insert swear words liberally.

Okay, so the last one doesn’t actually happen.  But I’m waiting for it to.

My solution: Give them a good amount and then tell them to come back for more later.  How politely I tell them depends on how politely they asked.  Next person, please!

Servee type #3: “Can I just have some carrots, please?”  I love these types.  They know exactly what they want and they leave right after getting their carrots or whatever.  They’re easy to please and they’re gone in a flash.  Why can’t the world be filled with types like them?

My solution:  Are you kidding?  Don’t fix what isn’t broken.  I love these guys!

Servee type #4: The type that just hovers just far enough away from the serving station so that I know they’re not in line, but close enough so that they can see what I’m serving.  They’re like ghosts, wavering in and out of both my perception and my line of servees.

My solution: Ignore them.  What else can I do?  “Hey, either get in line or don’t!  Make up your mind!”  Uh, no.  Though I would like to.

(I’d like to add here that I’ve gotten pretty good at being able to tell whether or not they’re actually going to get food or they’re just looking but not interested.  Some people will surprise me, but not many.)

Servee Type #5: The extremely picky.

I actually had these types today, and this is what inspired this servee type.  I was serving lasagna and two girls (when there’s a enormous line behind them) come up to the counter.

Me: How can I help you today? (I didn’t actually say this. Mostly I don’t need to as people will just jump right to what they want.)

Girl#1: Is there a new tray of lasagna coming out?

Me: Yes, but there are two pieces of lasagna in this tray.  Would you like some?

Girl#1: Oh, no. Thanks but we’ll wait.

Me: What’s wrong with the two pieces there?

Girl#1: (kind of sheepishly) Well, they look gross.

Now, let me state here that these two pieces looked just fine.  There was nothing wrong with them.  They looked just like every other piece I had served, and (to me, at any rate) they looked just like the pieces I ended up serving the girls.

Me: (calling out behind me) Hey Scott!  Can you bring out more lasagna please?

Scott: (carrying tray of new lasagna.  He puts the new tray now and looks at the nearly empty tray in front of me) You have two pieces here.  What’s wrong with those?

Me: I dunno. Ask them. (points to Girl#1 and Girl#2)

Scott: (to Girl#1 and Girl#2) What’s wrong with these?

(Both girls mumble incoherently. Scott rolls his eyes and leaves after commanding me to serve the last two pieces of lasagna.)

I still don’t understand what was wrong with those pieces.  They looked all great and stacked and everything.  They weren’t a mess. They hadn’t been sitting out there that long. (This all took place within the first half hour of serving, at which point I went through five trays of lasagna.  Do the math and it comes out to the fact that each tray of lasagna stayed out for roughly six minutes.)

The thing with this is that humans are idiotic drones who can’t think for themselves.  Once those two girls rejected the two pieces of lasagna, so did the rest of the people in the line.  And the line was practically out the door.  I ended up forcing those two pieces upon two poor souls. (I bet they really suffered. *rolls eyes*)

On that note, two more work shifts and I’m done! Six hours! 🙂

…because I don’t feel like writing a coherent blog post today.

So, this is going to be sort of random.  Ready…setGO!  (And yes, I meant to put that as one word, kthanksbye.)

  • I’m going to be working on the farm as conditions of my stay on campus for the duration of the Easter break.  I GETS TO PLAY WITH LAMBIES AND A BUNNEH WHENEVER I WANTS!!!  😀  Except when I’m working.  And even then…
  • I was on Formspring, looking at someone else’s page when I saw that they had decided to follow my Formspring account.  I moused over my picture and read my username, and right below my username are the words, “It’s you!”  I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out why I had written the words “It’s you!” in my bio.  Then I realized that I hadn’t written “It’s you!” in my bio, that wasn’t my bio, and the words actually referred to the fact that the person had decided to follow me (among other people).
  • I have decided that the story I’m working on moves too fast and that I have to slow it down.  I’ve even decided how to slow it down.  The problem, however, arises in the fact that it provides a side plot that I’m worried will distract from the main character and the main plot.  However, the side plot makes too much sense (in terms of how it fits into the story) for me not to include it, so include it I shall.  Writers must take risks after all or else we’d never get anywhere.  (As a side note, I’ve written a prologue I’m in love with and two handwritten pages that must be typed up.)
  • I just told my roommate to go to sleep and she said to me, “It doesn’t happen overnight!”

And…erm…that’s it really.  I just wanted to say that.

Oh oh oh.  I almost forgot.  This week’s picture for the Weekly Writing Challenge is really awesome.  I’m debating between writing something for that picture and going back a couple pictures to a different one.  I almost see a story/poem in both of them.  I’m just not sure which one will come to me first.

(There’s also this picture, but the picture itself isn’t as inspiring as the title.  “The Day She Made Rain.”  I could – again, almost – write a poem about that.  Hmm.)

“But Mom, I really am doing my homework.”

I’m having trouble writing a paper 1. because I don’t really want to write it (aka, I’ve been procrasinating) and 2. because I’m not sure what to say.  So, I thought, ‘Hey, I’ll organize my thoughts.  On my blog.  Kill 3 birds with one stone: Organize thoughts, write a post, and kill off all two readers with boredom.’   Who wouldn’t want to do all that at the same time?

Hmm.  Yeah.  Okay.

My paper is on identity, I guess you could say, the thesis being that art portrays an identity of someone – whether it’s the artist or someone else.

The People:

1. Ana Mendieta

Mendieta created a series of Silhuetas that were just that – silhouettes made out of different objects.  This one (I believe) is made out of fireworks.  (Don’t quote me on that.)  I’ve actually already written this part.  I wrote that her Silhuetas were reminders that an unknown someone had been there prior to us.  That we are not the last people to come here and we won’t be the last.  I said some other stuff, but I don’t feel like re-writing it.

The Identity: Deliberatly unknown, a reminder of the others who have walked this path before us.

2. Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago had two big projects.  The first being something that she took part in, a project called Womanhouse

This isn’t the entire project.  It’s just one portion of it.  The entire project was an entire house that art students (and their teachers) renovated and turned into a feminist art exhibition.

The entire project is about how women (remember: this was done in the 70’s, so it’s not true like it was back then, but still applicable) were perceived as part of the house and how their entire lives were construed of household activities.

Here, she is literally trapped in the linen closet, where she can do nothing but hand you a new bedsheet.

The room that Judy Chicago worked on is called Menstruation Bathroom, which contains a trash can filled to the brim with used pads (rather, pads painted to look used).  The idea is that this is something that we’re so ashamed of (or, that we were ashamed of in the 70’s.  Now, it’s still kind of an awkward topic, but you can talk about it) but it’s part of who we are.

I heard a story once (here, actually) where a woman, during a heated argument on stage, began her period unexpectedly on stage.  When she was informed of the event through whispers and pointing fingers of the all male audience, she said, “You should be proud to have a menstruating woman on your stage. It’s probably the first real thing that’s happened to this group in years.”

The Identity: general women, with particular relevance to women in the ’70’s, but it’s still applicable today.

The other thing that Judy Chicago did was The Dinner Party.  This consists of a triangular table that seat 39 women.  But not just any women.  39 of the most spectacular women, who paved the way for other women.  These women were shining stars in their fields and they really cemented the idea that women can rise to just as great heights as men.  Each of the 39 place settings has a table runner and a plate created just for that woman.  For example, Caroline Heschel’s place is decorated with stars and telescopes, for she was the first woman to discover a comet (or something like that).  On the floor, there are 999 women’s names written, sort of like an honorable mention to the silver award of getting a place setting.

The Identity: 1028 specific women, not including the 129 people who worked on this piece.

3. Yves Klein

I think I’m going to put him directly after Judy Chicago just because I feel like they best complement each other, in a sort of orange-and-blue way.  (That is to say, they are exact opposites.)

He uses women’s bodies as paint brushes.  (Understand why I’m putting him next Judy Chicago?)  In his works, women are the tool with which he creates these artworks.  Literally.  Women are portrayed as nothing more than a paintbrush.  I mean, look at this:

How infuriating!  Okay, I understand that if you think that paintbrushes are “too excessively psychological” (his words, not mine.  I don’t get it at all) then you wouldn’t want to use a paintbrush.  But to use someone else’s body?  I mean, it’s one thing to use your own body.  That I get and I’m fine with.  I enjoy a little fingerpainting now and again.   Especially for a man to use a woman’s body…how can someone NOT read into that?  Why didn’t he?  Why didn’t the New York Times article I’m reading? (Once they mention how he paints with women’s bodies.  But they don’t say anything else about the issue.)

The Identity: Women as objects (paintbrushes, specifically).

Yeesh, I have to be careful here not to turn this into a feminist paper.

3. Cindy Sherman

She’s a photographer who takes pictures of herself, but they’re not self-portraits (which is why this is interesting in my paper).  She dresses herself up as other people, not recognizable people, but like fictional characters in a story.  And it would be a portrait of those characters. 

She changes…herself with wigs, make up, outfits and assumes a different identity.

The Identity: Fictional, unknown (but very identifiable) female characters.

I have more, but now I’ve actually started writing the paper, so now I’m going to do that.

Homage to the Fuzzy Alpaca…and lambs.

On Thursday, we got our tests back.  Not only had I not turned in the essay portion of the test, but I had different answers on the answer sheet than the answers I had circled on the test.  Guess which answers the professor graded?  The ones on the answer sheet.  Guess which had more correct answers than the other?  The ones on the test.  Yeahhhh…I’m good.  Anyways, she let me turn in my essay portion late.  Which is good.  And in all reality, I didn’t do that badly on the answer sheet.  I just did better by a couple of points on the test.

In sending her my typed version of the essays, I found out something: Microsoft’s spellchecker recognizes the word Jabberwocky but not Jabberwock.  And so does Google Chrome’s spellchecker.  Weird.

But after that, my friend and I had bonding time (and I bought supplies for my research poster I have to make.  I also have a layout in my head.  It’s going to look great).  And I found out, among other things, that even though I don’t like crab I like crab ragoons (rangoons?  I’m not sure).  Correction: I like really good crab ragoons.  Because that’s what we had at this Thai place we went to for dinner.  They were amazing.  Good Thai food.  Yumm…

And I borrowed two PS2 games from her: one called “Fatal Frame” that I just tried to play and it freaks me out too much to be able to continue.  I’ll give that back to her on Monday, when I see her next.


There. You got a whole paragraph to yourself.  Happy now?

I borrowed another game from her – “Persona 3: F3.”  It’s really good, but I dislike how little I can do in one afternoon, for example.  Still a good game, though.

Anyways, I had pictures to show you guys.  Ready?

So, Thursday morning, I went to the farm because one of my classes is making us work a couple hours on the farm just across the street.  Thing is that I worked at the farm for an entire summer and the farm boss guy had to go take care of something, so he just told me to put myself up for the hours I came in for and to play with the animals for however long I wanted to.  I did a little happy dance.  I brought my camera and took pictures of the goats and new lambs!  😀

They’re not strikingly beautiful, but I’m assuming here that you guys want to see pictures of lambs and goats so…on with the show!

DSC_0012 Awww look at her!  Isn’t she so cute!  (In just a sec I’m going to show you their names.  A flyer was sent around campus via email.  It’s pretty ridiculous – both the flyer and the names.)

DSC_0013 Sorry the pictures are bad.  But anyways, this is another one.  There’s four of them and another on the way!

DSC_0020 It’s the goats Rocky (white) and Brandi (black)!  These guys are seriously like dogs.  They were fighting each other for my attention.  It was awesome. 

And then on my way back to my room, I saw this.

DSC_0024 Random, right?  I’m not sure what this is all about.  Probably something related to Valentine’s Day.  But still.  It’s weird.

On Friday, it snowed.  We got a snow day.  :D  And I got called into work.  Yay $25.

(You can’t see it, but it’s coming down hard.)

And now we have mountains of snow, once again.  Will it ever end?

Yeah, so that’s all I got.  Maybe I’ll post again when I have something interesting to say.  Or maybe you’ll just get this again.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The flyer.  Ahem.  Prepare yourself…for random silliness.

patience virtue



Awww look!  She’s smiling!

Sammy Lammy. jpgSammy Lammy If you didn’t pick the names then maybe you should have.  Seriously?  They’re going to be laughed out of lamb school.  I hope you’re ready to take full responsibility for that!

New sheep

Omar de Sheep

As stupid a name as ‘Omar de Sheep’ is, it kinda fits him.  I just wish people at this school could come up with better names for the animals.  Though Kate is pretty good.  I have a feeling that a certain student who works with the farm boss guy named the sheep Kate after herself.  Still.  Better names, please?  I mean, the llama’s name is Amall – as in, ‘llama’ backwards and in Arabic it means ‘hope’.    People weren’t very happy about that one.