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One of my favorite places to go for jewelry is the sale/discount racks at Claire’s and Icing.  (I did once go into Delia’s and found some great pieces for $4 each that just need a little TLC.  However, I went there today and there was no discount jewelry. *very disappointed*)  Normally, I look but that’s it. I don’t find anything.  I just enjoy looking. Today was different.

Icing, $6.25

Claire’s, 6.25

I’m wearing the second necklace (they’re both necklaces, in case you couldn’t tell) now. I am so excited about these.  THEY’RE SO…AWESOMELY FUNKY. (And the first necklace – the round one – kind of reminds me of the necklace here.  Or at least, something she would wear.  And let’s admit it – we all could stand to take a leaf out of Kendi’s book.)

PS. Sorry for the crappy quality. Phone camera. (I’m too lazy to charge my camera battery and then take a quality picture for you. But I assure you that in real life, the necklaces are not blurry and do not have a grainy quality to them like the pictures do.)

I’m very happy. 😀  THEY’RE JUST SO WEIRD!


Usually I can come up with good titles. Here, you’re just lucky I can put words together in an understandable fashion.


I just found out (realized, rather.  I’ve been sitting on this information for a while, but it just hit me) that a girl I used to go to school with is dating one of the cooks from the college cafeteria.  Who, of course, I used to work with.

Which is fine, except that he and I were both on the younger end of the spectrum when it came to age in that cafeteria.  (He was farther along on the spectrum than me, however but I’m not sure how much.)   I associate him with everyone else in the cafeteria.  And I cannot express to you enough how much I don’t want to think about some of the other people I worked with dating.

It’s like that moment when you realized that your parents had to have sex (and exactly what that entailed) in order for you to be sitting there.

It’s very very weird…to say the least.

The weirdest part is that everyone in the office I go to is Indian, which kind of makes me think of the mob and how they’re all stereotypically Italian and all most certainly bring pain to everyone else’s life.

Signs Your Dentist Might Be A Scam Artist:

  1. Your teeth never bother you until after you’ve had a supposed cavity supposedly filled.
  2. When you walk in to the office, you see shower curtains hung in lieu of actual walls.  “We’re redecorating,” your dentist insists as she ushers you to the little cubicle type space where you’ll spend the next two hours.  You notice that what’s supposed to be a dental chair closer resembles the office chair you saw at Target for $50.  Your doctor notices you looking at the wheels on the chair.  “Don’t worry.  The chair doesn’t move,” she says to you, and then under her breath she continues, “The last guy made sure of that.”
  3. Your dentist tells you that she will be working on the tooth third from the back three times, and after she hits you up with novocaine, she proceeds to work on the tooth on the opposite side of your mouth.
  4. She loves to stick all sorts of funky gadgetry in your mouth.  So much so in fact, that you have to wonder if there’s a purpose for half of them or if she’s competing with her coworker over who can fit the most dental tools in their respective client’s mouths.
And finally, sign #5 that your dentist might not really be a dentist:
As you’re rinsing your mouth out, you happen to glance out the window and see a man sprinting across the road away from the building.  Quick to follow him are two muscular men in suits who look suspiciously like the guys who have their butts glued to the chairs in the waiting room.  Your dentist notices you watching the chase and smiles at you.  “Don’t worry,” she says.  “They have guns and tasers.  He won’t get far.”
(If you couldn’t tell, I went to the dentist today.  Thus my scorn for dentists.  And if you were going to say that you feel my pain…*fiddles around in mouth with tongue*…No, I really doubt you do.  My anger/scorn/discontent, perhaps.  But not my pain.)

Cotton rainbow biking shorts should be outlawed. In fact, no one should be allowed to wear biking shorts unless they are biking at that exact moment.

All I really wanted to say was that my sister had a friend over (Mikki is 12, so her friend Holly must have been about that age as well).  It always shocks me when I look at 12 year olds who seem like they have half a brain because I was spacier than Jupiter in my preteen years.  At any rate, this girl…actually might have had a sense of style.  Maybe it was her mom.  Or maybe, it was a complete accident.  I’m not entirely sure.  It looked so effortless, it was hard to tell.  At any rate, she was wearing hot pink shorts and a light green t-shirt.  It was really the loose, white-and-yellow striped t-shirt that she wore over the green tank that really gave the look a polished, mature feel to it.  I mean, that was an outfit (maybe not the shorts, but only because I don’t think I could have pulled them off) that even I would have worn.

When I was her age, I wore rainbow biking shorts (but in cotton, not spandex) with ill-fitting graphic t-shirts.

Man, I want that shirt.

PS.  I just realized that you can rearrange the letters in ‘tea’ to spell ‘eat’.  Not that I expect you to care.

PPS: I love that old ’90s sitcom Dharma & Greg.  It always gets a laugh out of me.

You lookin’ for me? YOU LOOKIN’ FOR ME? Obviously not.

I’ve seen some pretty weird things pop up on that box that shows you what search terms have brought people to your blog.  And some I understand.

For example, “i eat my peas with honey nursery rhyme”.  That one goes back to this post.  “westernhindu right hand finger counting” relates to this post.  I get that.

I also understand how “judy chicago everyone was going to see who she really was” brought them to my blog, but you have to wonder what the person was looking for.  I mean, who exactly did they think she really was?

The best ones aren’t even the ones I don’t understand.  I mean, there’s one that’s “2.6 degrees Celsius”.  No idea where that came from, but okay, you know, whatever.

The best ones brought people to my blog because of my username.  Ahem.

So, of course, there’s “someone took my username”, but there’s also “someone took my username modify,” “someone took my paper,” “facebook took my username”, “scary usernames” (why, gee.  I’m flattered), “swimming usernames”, “mr skin username”, and “sad username”.

I’m just saying.

WARNING: This post may be too cute and cause a cuteness overload. Can I make up for it by boring you to death?

I thought I’d do something slightly normal.  After I picked up the clothes lying on the floor and whatnot, I decided to introduce you to the room in which I live.

I don’t know if I blogged about this before, but before college ended, I was not looking forward to coming back here to live.  I didn’t like the room, or the house really.  It’s not home.  I doubt it ever will be.  It’s just the place where my parents live.  I am always welcome here but although no one ever says anything, this just feels temporary.  Like I’m living in the guest room rather than my own bedroom (which actually, I am.  My bedroom turns into the guest room when I don’t live here).

Anways, a few minor changes were made and the room feels better now.  Certainly more spacious and colorful.  Like home?  Like my bedroom?  No, on both accounts.  But it’s better.  I’m a lot more comfortable here now.  I can live here until the time comes for me to move out.

So, on with the pictures:

Yup.  So, there it is.  Plus my youngest sister.

The changes that were made?

1. The bed:  Before, I had a huge full-size bed or queen or something.  Point is, it was big.  Too big for the room.  It took up way too much space and made the room feel tiny.  Now, there’s A WHOLE CHUNK OF FLOOR SPACE OH EM GEEEEGLES!!!  Dad switched out the bigger bed for something smaller – a twin, maybe?  I’m not sure.  Anyways, it’s smaller.  That’s the point.

2. The desk: I know I blogged about this before, but I have a new desk!

So, it’ somewhat of a mess right now but IT’S WOOD AND IT HAS DRAWERS AND IT’S NOT AN EYESORE!  I especially hated that old desk because I always felt like there was a neon sign attached to it that read “TEMPORARY”.  It was just one more thing that said, “You won’t be here for long,” and that made it feel like a guest room.  But now, that I have a nice wooden desk with drawers and everything, it feels much more like I’ve come home to stay.  Not entirely.  But much better.

3. The curtains (see above and take note that there are actually two windows in the room and that picture only shows one): I bought them at the WalMart right next to school for my roommate, who’s curtains I had lost.  At the end of the year, she told me to keep them so I did.  One of the first things I did when we got back to Virginia was to hang up the curtains.  Literally.  One of the first things I did.  You’d be really surprised as to how much color it brings to a room.  Seriously.  Simple touch, intense color.

4. Delicate touches: 

The mobile I love.  I got it as a graduation gift from my grandmother and my cousin.  The weird looking decoratory party balls things my mother gave to me.  I forget why.  I just know that I found them and thought, “Huh.  I think I’ll put them up on the curtain rod.”  I rather like how it turned out.

5. My…well, I’m not sure what it is but I love it:  My dad has this thing where he likes to spend as little money as possible.  It’s a chronic condition for him and we tease him all the time about it.  (You think you’re frugal?  I’m talking about a man who will eat the crumbs off other people’s plates way after he’s full just in the interest of not seeing food to go waste.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.)  So when he sees free stuff on the side of the road, even when it’s stuff that we don’t particularly need or have a use for?  MUST. TAKE.  I’m 99% positive that’s how I ended up with this:

I have two shelves that go in it as well but Dad said that it is mine to do with as I wish (including, in his words, throw out) so I think I shall turn it into an enormous jewelry armoire-type thing.  However, seeing as that would cost me money and I don’t have a job, that shall wait.  (In the interest of not going broke, I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to spend that much – if any – until I get a job again.  This includes buying things like the hooks that the jewelry armoire-to-be requires and a mirror that I require.  In the meantime, I’m using it to store books I’m going to read (and one library book I’ve already read).  And a couple of cards.

But I love the woodwork.

It’s simple but…classic.  Timeless.  It really is a beautiful piece.  Just needs a set of doorknobs.  🙂

Speaking of books, right below the jewelry armoire-to-be is a bookshelf.  That actually has my books on it.  (This is exciting to me because I’ve had two different book shelves in this room before and neither held any book belonging to me.  Now, I have an entire shelf…just about.  😀  Which is especially exciting when you consider that they’re all books I haven’t read in a while.)

My youngest sister was in the room with me while I was taking these photos and the lighting was wonderful so I got some shots of her too.

With Sara, it’s tricky.  At first, she didn’t get the idea that I wanted her to pretend as though I weren’t holding a camera in my hand.  So all of the beginning pictures look incredibly posed.

You have no idea how much coaching I had to do to get her to this stage.

But I think my favorite was the one were I didn’t have to coach her at all.  She just did what came naturally.  And isn’t that the best way to do it?

Yup.  That’s my sister.  Cute on the outside with just a little crazy mixed in.

That being said, she really is one of my favorite models.  Probably because 1. she always loves to have her picture taken, 2. she’s super photogenic and 3. she’s one of the few people that I feel comfortable enough to ask her if she’ll pose for me.

Sorry for any confusion, if you were confused.

If you were on my blog earlier today or last night, you’d have seen either a really pretty background or a funky background that was a little off in places.  That was because of two things:

1. I got bored of the clouds theme that I had and decided to go for a floral theme.  I found a picture that worked well but then I realized that I probably shouldn’t use the picture that I used as I’m not entirely sure the owners of the picture would have been okay with that.  So I had to change it.  It was down by the following morning.

2. My friend asked me to create a theme for her blog and that’s where the funky blog layout comes into play.  I was using my blog as a guinea pig before I put the layout into her blog.  (It turned out really well, in case you were wondering.)

So now, my blog is back to something that I like.  I did find a whole slew of pretty floral pictures that I can use for any future blog layouts, so you might catch me off guard one day as I’m trying them out.  But for any pictures I use in my layouts that 1. I will be using for more than a few seconds and 2. are not my own, I will give credit to the creators in the little box at the bottom of the page.

And, by the way, you can find a great selection of stock/resource photos that you can use on  That’s where I went for this picture.  All you have to do is give credit to the owner and let the owner know that you’re using whatever you took. 🙂