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One of my favorite places to go for jewelry is the sale/discount racks at Claire’s and Icing.  (I did once go into Delia’s and found some great pieces for $4 each that just need a little TLC.  However, I went there today and there was no discount jewelry. *very disappointed*)  Normally, I look but that’s it. I don’t find anything.  I just enjoy looking. Today was different.

Icing, $6.25

Claire’s, 6.25

I’m wearing the second necklace (they’re both necklaces, in case you couldn’t tell) now. I am so excited about these.  THEY’RE SO…AWESOMELY FUNKY. (And the first necklace – the round one – kind of reminds me of the necklace here.  Or at least, something she would wear.  And let’s admit it – we all could stand to take a leaf out of Kendi’s book.)

PS. Sorry for the crappy quality. Phone camera. (I’m too lazy to charge my camera battery and then take a quality picture for you. But I assure you that in real life, the necklaces are not blurry and do not have a grainy quality to them like the pictures do.)

I’m very happy. 😀  THEY’RE JUST SO WEIRD!


This has been a long time coming. *happily sighs*

OMG!  So so so…I got reinspired.  I’m writing again!  I wrote a grand total of…(wait for it)…1800+ words today, in just over 3 pages.  I’m kind of worried about the characters internally monologuing to an extreme.  Hmm.  At any rate, it’ll get faster and I can always cut it down later if I feel like it’s too much.  For right now, I’m just excited to be writing again.

I bet you wanna read an excerpt, right?  No, no you don’t.  You probably don’t care.  And if that’s the case, then you can just stop reading now and move on because I’m going to put an excerpt here.  (Small excerpt.  I’m just so excited, you know?!)


Out of the blue, the office door burst open. Miriam turned, her eyes wide with shock, just in time to see Evelyn slam the door shut and bar it shut with her body.

Evelyn was the head waitress for a reason. The woman had a cold stare that could make rhinos turn in fear. It was Evelyn Miriam trusted to deal with the most difficult of customers, in whichever way Evelyn saw fit. Evelyn was one of the most down-to-earth, no-nonsense people Miriam had come across. And yet, Evelyn stood before Miriam, with trembling features and running mascara, clearly terrified.  Miriam studied the head waitress for a moment before she picked up the phone. The urgently whispered numbers, “9-1-1,” had hardly left Evelyn’s mouth when Miriam punched the three numbers into the phone.

Miriam had no idea what was going on. The office was in the back of the restaurant, behind the kitchens. Often times, the cooks made enough noise to completely cover whatever noise was made in the main room.  Plates had been dropped, yelling had ensued and as long as it stayed in the main room, Miriam hadn’t a clue. But if Evelyn was this scared, this terrified…Miriam shuddered as the feeling of dread grew deep within her stomach.

Miriam only had enough time to realize that the kitchens were mysteriously silent before three things happened, almost instantaneously.

The first thing was that the woman at the 911 call center came on, just in time to hear the second thing: the sound of a gunshot, and a man’s voice screaming out, “I better be able to see you in five seconds, or you’re going to see a lot more of this young lady than you ever wanted to!”


So, that’s the story.  (Any edits or comments you want to make are welcome.)  Well, obviously, it’s not the entire story, just part of it.

I can’t tell you too much more about the story, only that it’s about this guy who comes in and takes an entire restaurant hostage.  It’s intensely psychological and, well…it’s just intense.  If you couldn’t catch on to that.

At any rate, I’m excited.  😀  1800+ words!  Yay!

Novice writer looking for a storyline. Requirements: funny, lighthearted and quirky. Willing to consider even half-baked ideas! Please help.

I want to write.  I want to write something fluffy, something funny and light and happy.  I have two prologues to two different stories however…neither of them do I see a plot in.  For this reason, they’re both stories I want to read and not write.  I have no idea how to write these stories.  I don’t know where they’re going.  I don’t know what to do with them.

Characters.  I need characters.  Think, Charlie, think.

Words.  Word association.  Linguistics.  Professor.  University.  Student.  Overachiever.  Country.  Farm.  Animals.  Barn.

New to the city.  First apartment.  Learning to cook.  Exploring.  Living vicariously.

“Didn’t your mama ever tell you that it’s not polite to play with your food?”

“Well, yeah but I thought she was just referring to food that played back.”

I don’t even know what that means.

Urgh.  I want to write but I have no inspiration.

The world is ending in ten minutes.

[Author’s note: This is a fictional story.  I’ve never had a gypsy woman come through my town, proclaiming the end of the world.  It’s half inspired by the Rapture with the “world is ending at 6pm” thing and half by MaranweTelrunya’s Weekly Writing Challenge [specifically, this challenge – yeah.  I know.  It’s far back but who am I to deny the gods of inspiration?].  I would put this up on fictionpress, but I think it’s more appropriate to post it here. 1. Because here I can edit the layout of the lines and I’m not so sure about fictionpress (though I will give it a shot) and 2. with the predicted end of the world at 6pm and the “world is ending in ten minutes!” theme of the poem, I just…feel this is more appropriate.

“The world is ending in ten minutes!”
The old gypsy to cried
As a worn horse pulled her worn wagon down the streets,




In a quiet town of quiet people

with whispered stories
where parents disciplined without speaking

We heard her coming a mile away.

“The world is ending in ten minutes!”
Her words rang through the town.
I watched as people walked on by
Their lives unaltered by the gypsy’s revelation
As if

she was never there
they didn’t care
it didn’t matter

or they just thought she was crazy.

Maybe she was.

“The world is ending in ten minutes!”
My friends snickered to themselves
While I pretended to laugh along

But once alone,
I wondered why she believed it
When she was still proclaiming the end of the world

eleven minutes later.

“The world is ending in ten minutes.”
I’d turn the phrase over in my mouth

tasting the syllables
testing the words
trying the sentence on for size.

Saying it felt like wearing my mother’s cocktail dress

it was much too large
and I didn’t even understand what it meant
or what it was for.

Not yet.

“Why is the world ending in ten minutes?”
Sometimes I’d picture myself asking her
And I’d dream up her response

“You see, my dear…”
A frantic repition of the phrase
As if there were no other words that could come out of her mouth
A simple sad shake of the head.

But I never knew.
I never asked.

It wasn’t that I believed that the world was ending
As a kid it’s hard enough trying to picture
A change

any change

phone numbers

Never mind the entire world
I just wanted to know
Why she believed in the end

when all I could see

were beginnings.

The world is ending in ten minutes, you see
But the grass beneath your feet will remain green
As the sky will remain blue.
No, it’s you and I that will change
An immeasurably small distance from who we were before
And in that ten minutes where the world ends
We have a chance to start anew.


I feel as though there were a couple things I wanted to say that were related to the Rapture…


Well, I forgot one  but the other is that I was on facebook and a friend of mine posted the following as her status earlier on today:

It’s just been one of those days…

Someone else commented:

Don’t worry.  It’s over soon.

I laughed.  I don’t know the person, but I liked the comment.  That is, I clicked the little ‘like’ thing right below the comment.  I liked the comment too, however.  I still do, in fact.  Very much so. 😉

I think the best part of the comment is that it’s such a normal thing to say to that kind of post that I’m not entirely sure that the pun was intended.  I think it was.  But I can’t be positive.

…because I don’t feel like writing a coherent blog post today.

So, this is going to be sort of random.  Ready…setGO!  (And yes, I meant to put that as one word, kthanksbye.)

  • I’m going to be working on the farm as conditions of my stay on campus for the duration of the Easter break.  I GETS TO PLAY WITH LAMBIES AND A BUNNEH WHENEVER I WANTS!!!  😀  Except when I’m working.  And even then…
  • I was on Formspring, looking at someone else’s page when I saw that they had decided to follow my Formspring account.  I moused over my picture and read my username, and right below my username are the words, “It’s you!”  I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out why I had written the words “It’s you!” in my bio.  Then I realized that I hadn’t written “It’s you!” in my bio, that wasn’t my bio, and the words actually referred to the fact that the person had decided to follow me (among other people).
  • I have decided that the story I’m working on moves too fast and that I have to slow it down.  I’ve even decided how to slow it down.  The problem, however, arises in the fact that it provides a side plot that I’m worried will distract from the main character and the main plot.  However, the side plot makes too much sense (in terms of how it fits into the story) for me not to include it, so include it I shall.  Writers must take risks after all or else we’d never get anywhere.  (As a side note, I’ve written a prologue I’m in love with and two handwritten pages that must be typed up.)
  • I just told my roommate to go to sleep and she said to me, “It doesn’t happen overnight!”

And…erm…that’s it really.  I just wanted to say that.

Oh oh oh.  I almost forgot.  This week’s picture for the Weekly Writing Challenge is really awesome.  I’m debating between writing something for that picture and going back a couple pictures to a different one.  I almost see a story/poem in both of them.  I’m just not sure which one will come to me first.

(There’s also this picture, but the picture itself isn’t as inspiring as the title.  “The Day She Made Rain.”  I could – again, almost – write a poem about that.  Hmm.)

This post is so short, the title might actually take up more room.

I’m not going to make this a long post.  I just wanted to say that today I wrote a little over 1500 words and I finished off Chapter 4!  All in a pretty good amount of time.  I think I’m getting the hang of just writing down stuff without editing.  It’s not easy, you know?


I’m in kinda a cranky/mopey mood.  I don’t feel good (thus the reason for the spaciness earlier) and I’ve been listening to sad songs for a good portion of the evening.

I feel like writing a poem.  I’m not sure what to write…but come to think of it, I know where I can get inspiration.  😉