Sad state of affairs, part dos

Remember how I said last post that it would end with me?  Well, it didn’t.  That’s not to say that I did anything.  I did nothing, of which I’m proud of myself for.  She, whom I’ve nicknamed the Unmentionable, told numerous people about my response to her message but she also printed out the messages we sent back and forth and asked for people’s opinions on it.  Which is again completely out of line.  Completely uncalled for.  If I wanted people to know what I had said, I would have posted it on her wall.

It’s like she wants to prove me right by choosing to disrespect my privacy.  Ugh.

The thing with me is that I don’t get angry right away.  I let it stew and a few hours later, I’m livid.  The same thing happened today.  By 2pm, I was furious.  At the same time, I had to write a summary for my art exhibition.  (This class I’m taking.  It’s one credit, but I’ve done more work for it than some four credit courses.  In it, the professor wants us to put up our own art exhibition.  I was really inspired by duct tape, so after much experimentation, I decided to apply layers of colored duct tape to cardboard boxes.  I’ll post pictures when I’m done.)  So, I’m thinking about the summary, but the word “fake” (what she keeps calling “someone” – AKA me, if you’ll recall yesterday’s post) and the fact that she passed my message on to pretty much the entire school kept running through my head.  And the words just kind of came out.

(How To Be) FAKE

See it / It’s calling to you like neon letters.
Create it /Mother Nature did it wrong. 
Sell it / Mass marketing does wonders for your skin.
Buy it / Gilded paper grows on trees.
Have it / It’s yours for the low cost of tomorrow’s generation.
Arrange it / Perfection needs our help.
Use it / Can’t live with it, could die without it.
Be it / Are you for real?

Colors overlapping colors overlapping colors overlapping the brown of a simple cardboard box.  That’s what you see here.  You see it all around you.  The manufactured obscuring the natural, the fake blinding us to what’s real.  The fake draws our attention like moths to a flame, making it difficult to identify the real substance beneath.  It’s not natural, this blaring need to call attention to yourself with industrialized and commercialized colors.  Then again, what is natural?  Are you?

That’s my summary.  I just added to it.  Anyways, I wrote that.  There’s some subtle jabs at the Unmentionable – “It’s not natural, this blaring need to call attention to yourself”, “Are you for real?”, but nothing anyone would really pick up on. 

At any rate, I wrote that, gave it to my professor.  He really liked it.  He just said that I needed to tack a little bit onto it, which I just did.

There’s this corkboard that had just been taken down, and I really liked the wooden frame on it, so I asked Scott (my professor) if I could use it.  He said sure, but I’d have to take the corkboard out.  I kicked it out.  Really went to town.  Anger management is fantastic.  I felt great afterwards.  😀

On a side note, you know the search terms that people use to find your blog?  Well, one of the top ones for me is “scary usernames”.  *blinks*  I’m really not sure what to make of that.


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